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Review: This Is The Way The World Ends

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This Is the Way the World EndsThis Is the Way the World Ends by James K. Morrow My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One of my Big Bad Wolf’s haul. No special reason on why I chose to read this book first. If there must be one, it could be the title. If there must be two reasons, it could be that I’d like to get to know more new-to-me authors this year.

Date read: 9 – 27 January 2018

Anyway, here is my notes on this book:

  • The beginning is very funny. Usually I feel a bit bored reading the introduction part but I think Morrow knows how to entertain the readers while building the story.
  • I notice the further unto the story it gets more serious. It doesn’t lose its humor but it’s like I was offered another focus, another things to enjoy. At some points it even raises interesting points for debates and discussion if you want to.
  • I love the idea of unadmitted future and invalidated past. And I love the trial. Awesome ideas.
  • Towards the end, I feel like it could stop at several points and called it the end and I would feel it’s finished. Depending on where it stops, I would feel triumph, sad, more sad, weird, face-palming, and devastated. I think this is the part where I decided to rate this book 4 (instead of 5).
  • I feel like I’m missing something in the epilogue because I’m not familiar with Notradamus.

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Written by Elfira Y S

January 29th, 2018 at 9:51 pm

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