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The Stranger With Cowboy Hat

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I was enjoying my walk to the book store, same path as it always has been. Today I took off at the afternoon rather than morning time as usual. I walked in the shade of buildings and trees on my left but I could still feel the heat.

The sun shines very well in this part of earth. Some people wears hat, like this one old man in front of me. He was a caucasian male, old enough to have had all his hair white. He walked slowly and with thought of having an afternoon relax walk, I followed right behind him.

The old man wore a checkered shirt, a khaki trousers, and a cowboy hat. Several minutes gone by, a few steps in front of us was a group of local boys sitting leisurely, doing nothing, which was a completely normal sight.

What unusual was when the old man with cowboy hat and I were about to pass them. The old man stopped in front of a boy wearing a cap sideways. Then he fixed the boy’s cap. Then he presumed walking, all happened in less than a minute. The group bursted out laughing, seeing each other with confusion written in their face.

I was confused, too, and let out a giggle. I looked at the man’s back, kind of hoping he would turn around and gave a jokingly smile or else. But he didn’t show any intention of doing so. I wanted to see his face, to perhaps catch the why but unfortunately I had arrived at my destination at that time.

I don’t know, is cap worn sideway a complete no no to him? Is he a man with his pride lies in the collection of his hats? What do you guys think? Nevertheless, the stranger with cowboy hat made my afternoon.

  • I regret not taking pictures with my Optimus Prime. Hm.

Written by Elfira Y S

June 5th, 2011 at 7:38 pm

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