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Meteor Garden from The Owl City.

The song only has a verse, played twice. At first I didn’t want to admit that iLike the song because at the end of each line, there’s this aaaaaahhh and the last line! I desperately need youuu aaahhh. That doesn’t seem cool. I wouldn’t admit that iLike the song if my friend didn’t tell me that she liked it.

Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin)

Jack Donaghy is a character in 30 Rock tv series. He’s handsome!!! But he’s old! If a friend of mine didn’t say that she thought he’s handsome, I’d never get that out of my closet.

Is there more? Of course! A LOT! Sometime I feel so insecure to speak out my preference for a reason or two (mostly because I think that’s not cool) but with friends like them, I’m sure I can learn to be more honest with myself. So, what else?

iLike iPad. People can say anything but I want one of that shiny things. iLike Jikustik and their exaggerated lyrics. iLike him.

etc. etc. etc.

PS: This just in. That gay boy in Glee is interesting. Haha.. Quite a character. Mesa want more Kurt scenes!

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January 30th, 2010 at 10:35 pm

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All This Could Not Have Been Otherwise

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That’s a relief.

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January 23rd, 2010 at 11:39 am

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The Tunnel Of Conflict

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A chapter in The Purpose Driven Life says something about how the tunnel of conflict is in fact the passageway to intimacy in any relationship. It is never easy entering a tunnel of conflict. It is easier to have problems glossed over and continue living in a false sense of peace.

[The tunnel of conflict, glossed over, and false sense of peace are phrases provided by the book. I think Rick Warren is rich in words].

Among other things, entering the tunnel takes honesty and courage and thoughtfulness. When people see their related doing something wrong, they need to be brave to tell them. To point out mistakes needs both honesty and thoughtfulness. Frankness is not a license to say anything we want, wherever and whenever we want.

[The last sentence, I quoted from the book as well. I love this guy!]

As for me, I have been stumbling into the tunnel mostly because of my own terrible act. One that I remember so well leaves thoughtfulness and takes envy instead. I was honest, I had courage to tell one of my dear friend that I envied the opportunity she got. The time I chose to drop the bomb couldn’t be any better.

It was when she lost the opportunity.

“I am glad you didn’t make it”

I told her those exact words into her face. I didn’t write it in any email or text messages or on a piece of paper, no. I spilt it out right into her face.

[Woohoo… Entering the tunnel!]

Of course, she was mad at me. No question.

No matter how people enter the tunnel of conflict, once the conflict is handled correctly, we grow closer to each other by facing and resolving our differences. That’s true.

She forgave me. I’m sure it was hard for her to trust me not doing it again. Sometimes later, I did it again.

[I did it twice. I’m not proud. My lecture said that a foolish donkey wouldn’t fall into the same hole twice.]

She forgives me. Again. Her words “I will always forgive you.”

I think that’s the first time I feel that I have been accepted the way I am, whole package. She understands that I’m not that strong enough, I make mistakes. That more likely would be the reason I make a progress in learning to tame my discontent at another’s possessions or success (it’s the definition of envy). In fact, I write this because I envy certain people right now (can I say that I am envying?) and it helps to see what envy can do. It’s ugly.

Hm.. That was too smooth. Did I do something to earn her forgiveness? I had to be, right? I had to say sorry so many times and do other things. It’s just that it doesn’t feel important anymore. The forgiveness has nothing to do with my make-up acts, my good deeds.

I didn’t earn forgiveness, I was given. That’s grace.

[Oh, hey, look! I can see the light!]

PS: I’m coming to her wedding this March!

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January 19th, 2010 at 5:08 pm

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The Bridge: 2009

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I was crossing the bridge. Halfway, I stopped.

my note for 2009

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January 12th, 2010 at 5:40 pm

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