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Shut De Do

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I use ‘shut de do’ as my instant messenger status every now and then. It doesn’t have anything to do with solmization. There won’t be a shut de re, shut de mi, etc. It is actually a song title and it stands for ‘shut the door’.

The first time I heard the song, Shut De Do, was on one of GII Choir Concert (I forgot which one). I don’t fancy the song so much but I like the way it shortens ‘shut the door’ into ‘shut de do’. I still don’t know what kind of English that is, maybe it’s just the creative soul of the song author.

Shut The Door

Anyway, when I put the shut de do status, it’s almost like when people put their busy sign. Why shut the door? Because it will feel like I need my own room to do what I have to do, so I shut the door.

Oh! and I said ‘almost’ because in the end I still end up chatting. I can’t resist it. :D

Written by Elfira Y S

May 23rd, 2009 at 2:01 pm

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