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Route 87

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It’s kind of funny to bring my old blogs title up as the first post I write for this new site of mine. (*yipeee* for my own site!!). Did I say my old blogs title? Well, it’s true that I use Route 87 for my blogs at wordpress and yahoo. I’ve been meaning to tell you about this Route 87 for quite some time and what could be more perfect than doing that now, when I decide not to use it anymore (hey, Ra! Most people will consider telling about their blog title when they are still using the blog title!). Yeah, whatever..

About Route 87

U.S. Highway 87 is a north-south United States highway (though it is signed east-west in New Mexico) that runs for 1,998 miles (3,215 km) from northern Montana to southern Texas. The entire portion from Billings, Montana, to Raton, New Mexico, is co-signed along Interstates 90 and 25. It is also co-signed along the entire length of Interstate 27 in Texas.


You must have known that my blogs title has nothing to do with that highway but after using its name for about 2 years, I think I have to say something about the real Route 87. It’s a long road, if I may say. Take a look at this:

Now, talking about my version of Route 87, I chose ‘route‘ because I adore the idea of viewing this life as a journey. Then, why 87? That was my student id, 13503087 to be exact. The first time I used it in yahoo, that was acceptable for I was still a student that time. Using it again at wordpress, I think I was being uncreative at all, I have graduated the moment I created that blog. Uncreative is not the main concern. Somehow, I feel like, by choosing Route 87 again, it was OK for me to use something that should have been my past.

I am not that student with id 13503087 anymore.

Do you feel I’m exaggerating here? Hihi.. Well, this site is mine! Happy blog-walking, everyone!


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August 27th, 2008 at 6:15 am

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Welcome to..

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my paradise information retrieval world!

No, I was not welcoming you to a technical post. That is just not something to be expected from me. Hehe..

It has been days since I come to the office and work for about 8 hours. Now, I come to the office and work myself out just to keep me from boredom. It’s simple thing, my friends.. I (, at most of the time,) have nothing to do. Well, I am not like her, with her heavy reading and her being happy over an ANTLR3 article (hehe..) and I am not like him, my cubicle neighbor, who is trying to make a set of gridview code in javascript, but they certainly inspire me to have my own learning.

So.. I downloaded an e-book related with information retrieval, written by C. J. van RIJSBERGEN B.Sc., Dip. NAAC, Ph.D., M.B.C.S., F.I.E.E., C.Eng., F.R.S.E. (what a name..). Look at this definition of information retrieval I found:

Information retrieval is the term conventionally, though somewhat inaccurately, applied to the type of activity discussed in this volume. An information retrieval system does not inform (i.e. change the knowledge of) the user on the subject of his inquiry. It merely informs on the existence (or non-existence) and whereabouts of documents relating to his request.

Well, Mr. C. J. van RIJSBERGEN B.Sc., Dip. NAAC, Ph.D., M.B.C.S., F.I.E.E., C.Eng., F.R.S.E. himself quoted the definition from someone named F. W. Lancester.

The bold parts on the definition is something that I just realized. The products of information retrieval technology don’t actually retrieve information we request.. hear.. hear…! Agree! That’s true, right? I’m amazed.. Huhu…

Well, as you might guess, I end up writing this post (instead of reading the e-book, I haven’t even finished the introduction chapter, wkwkwk..). But, it’s quite a progress, right?

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August 14th, 2008 at 2:08 pm

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Play It Safe!

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This is a story from one of my English class. The instructor gave an illustration:

A is a boy. He has a girlfriend, B. They’ve been together for quite some time. Then, B falls in love with C, and C loves B so.

So, we had to give suggestion for B, something like whether she should stick with A or leave A for C. Here was my answer: PASS!

Second illustration:

A company, struggling through its financial problems, asked a business consultant for some advices. The consultant gave 2 choices. The first one was to sell some of their assets in order to increase the company cash so that they can operate properly. The second choice was to sell the whole company to an association, which would professionally handle all their problems. Their problems would be gone and so would their ownership. Long story short, the company chose the last choice.

We can say that the company play a safe bet. A safe bet means something that you are certain will happen or someone or something that you are certain will win or succeed [source]. By selling the company to the association, it won’t take as much as responsibilities as before. It still may do the controlling but that’s just it. The real wheel is on the hand of the association.

Funny thing is that I played safe bet during that particular session of English class (well, in a lot of time in my life, I played it safe). I did have answer for the first illustration, my own opinion.

I agree with one of my English classmates, my project simulation chief, I think that B should stick with A. I’m not trying to be radical or inflexible here. I just treasure relationship that much. A bond, a commitment that you’ve made, especially marriage, are not meant to be broken, even in situation like the illustration above. Well, you can say engagement is quite different but for now I don’t see it that way.

How about you? Got a story where you play safe bet?

You know what, my moving to Bali is something I call a safe bet, too. Wkwkwkwk

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August 7th, 2008 at 10:36 am

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Protected: Password: My Dream Company (CAPITAL)

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August 4th, 2008 at 2:55 pm

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