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Anata wa watashi no sutooriizu

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Well, what can I say?

anata wa watashi no sutooriizu

Anyone can help me find the lyrics at the beginning of this song? (Stories by Hitomi Kuroishi, OST from Code Geass)

Thanks to Fajarn!

Written by Elfira Y S

July 26th, 2008 at 1:14 pm

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Happy Graduating!

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(11:40:37) n1xul: n1xul telah mem-buzz anda! (11:40:53) chenvael: dateng wisudaan ga? (11:40:56) chenvael: ni lagi siap2 (11:41:01) n1xul: datengggg (11:41:05) chenvael: klo mo gabung, ketemu di gerbang depan yak?? (11:41:10) n1xul: ok2 (11:41:16) n1xul: di mana posisi2 (11:41:24) chenvael: lagi ngangkot ini (11:41:34) chenvael: situ di mana? (11:43:51) n1xul: lagi di atas laut jawa (11:44:19) chenvael: bagus2.. uda deket kalo gt (11:44:25) chenvael: gw uda nyampe pantei skrg (11:44:31) chenvael: mo berenang dulu (11:44:39) chenvael: klo ga bales berarti lagi on the way to java (11:45:29) n1xul: ok2.. sip2.. hati2 ikan hiu (11:45:40) chenvael: yosh! (14:36:26) chenvael: n1xul2.. uda nyampe mana? (14:36:34) chenvael: uda di banyuwangi ni.. (14:36:42) chenvael: tinggal jalan aja ke gerbang depan (14:36:53) n1xul: duh, kelewatan neh… di smudera hindia neh (14:36:57) n1xul: gmn yah (14:37:09) n1xul: supir pesawatnya aga2 tolol (14:37:11) chenvael: aduu.. minta balik.. minta balik (14:37:11) n1xul: :p (14:37:23) chenvael: ntar ga kekejar lagi acaranya (14:37:42) n1xul: habis bahan bakarnya, landing adelaide dulu keknya (14:37:59) chenvael: yosh2.. ditunggu yak.. bilang ga pake lama (14:38:07) n1xul: sip2

Thx buat undangan ikut wisudaan-nya, jeng Neni!

Written by Elfira Y S

July 19th, 2008 at 2:01 pm

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Baby Boom

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Picture is taken from here. Picture above is not the newly-found Baby Boom galaxy. It is Zw II 96.

Zw II 96 and the Baby Boom galaxy are both known as starbursts because they are producing loads of new stars every year. Zw II 96 is the result of multiple galaxies colliding together, triggering the birth of stars.


The amazing thing about the Baby Boom galaxy is this:

The galaxy belongs to the starburst class of galaxies and has now been crowned the ‘brightest starburst galaxy in the Universe’. Brightness is indicative of a high rate of star formation.


Now, let’s get into the number. This is how much stars the Baby Boom galaxy is able to produce:

This galaxy, which has now been dubbed the “Baby Boom” galaxy, is giving birth to about 4,000 stars per year. In comparison, our own Milky Way galaxy turns out an average of just 10 stars per year.


That’s why it’s called Baby Boom. The baby stars just boom come out. Now, see the distance:

While Zw II 96 is located about 500 million light-years away, Baby Boom lies 12.3 billion light-years away


So far, yet so bright… The most amazing thing about this Baby Boom is described so well by Aodhhann’s response here. There, I copy it below:

It reminds us to think about how different things were when the known universe was very young. Stars forming with different composition, lack or nonexistence of many elements etc. How dynamic and large different voids would be; and how they would interact with areas with a great deal of matter. How marvelous it would be to see this galaxy the way it truly is ‘today’.

I repeat:

How marvelous it would be to see this galaxy the way it truly is ‘today’.

Things about universe have always been amazing to me. It is so huuuuggeeeee that for centuries it remains a mystery. People ask who lives out there, what they look like, etc, etc. As for me, this thought has dwelled in my mind:

It’s great if there’s another creatures existing and living out there. It’s truly a wonder when they come in different shape, different everything, or maybe similarity. We don’t know yet. But.. Wouldn’t it be more wonderful if we are the only existing creature in the whole universe and that HE has created this big, huuugeee whole thing, just for us, to make us see the wonder of HIM

Hope you have a great day, everyone!

Written by Elfira Y S

July 15th, 2008 at 2:51 pm

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Box.net File Sharing Test

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OK, everyone! This is my first time using box.net. To all of you who know Sanctus, you can enjoy him singing from here.

All you have to do are download it, change the file extension from ppt to zip, extract, play it, and voila, see him in action yourself.

Thanks to bung Cupu and jeng Rika!

Last, if you’re wondering how Gia in action, please help me obtain her permit to share her video. Wakakakakakakak….

Written by Elfira Y S

July 10th, 2008 at 5:38 pm

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Love & Mercy

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I was lying in my room and the news came on TV there’s a lot of people out there hurting and it really scares me oh, love and mercy are what you need tonight love and mercy to you and your friends tonight

This is my text-messages tone. Love & Mercy from Libera. Somebody, please give me their new album.. Wkwkwkwk…

There’s a lot of people out there hurting and it really scares me

This is my favorite line. It describes me, really describes me. So, how do I put this into words? I know I am not good at explaining things, but this particular line of the song shows one of this world condition, one of what’s going on and how it affects me.

If you see things out there, you hear from your relatives, even you have your own experiences, you’ll know. The hurting part remains as long as human race exists. There’s no way to avoid it. How do we measure the hurting? Is it worse these days? Some may say so, but does it really matter?

Whenever I deal with people (which is everyday), I am afraid to hurt them and to be hurt (Well, to be hurt is obviously my main concern, :P). But not just that, as the lyric says, to see people hurting each other really scares me.

Why does it scare me? I don’t know. Anyone knows?

oh, love and mercy are what you need tonight love and mercy to you and your friends tonight

Written by Elfira Y S

July 5th, 2008 at 2:47 pm

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